Smoked Lemonade, Dad's Fudge, & Best Meals for Camping

This Time Last Year

Smoked lemonade (!!!), an old family recipe for fudge, and great meal ideas for campouts were some of the things we were talking about a year ago this week. There was also a Nutella cake from Nigella Lawson, the top five ways to eat a fried egg, and an up-close look at urban beekeeping.

Posts pictured above are in bold below.

• Dana's father's fudge recipe.

• An enormous collection of vintage spice jars!

• Fruit for dessert: Poached whole plums in brown sugar syrup and rosewater panna cotta with blueberries.

• Yummy salads: Quick beets with chile and lemon and asparagus with Caesar dressing. Plus tomato salad with red onion, dill, and feta.

Summer pudding and Victoria's deck vegetable patch.

Nigella Lawson's Nutella cake.

Quesadilla pie from Simply Recipes.

Smoked lemons and lemonade! Plus smoky maple Harry and Taylor, of Brooklyn Kitchen.

• All about cheese melts.

Easy, frugal foods for camping and the joys of trail mix.

• A very cool grill and a review of the Magic Bullet. Plus pure white Dutch ovens from Staub.

• The top 5 ways to eat a fried egg.

• The best garlic bread.

• See entire archive from this week a year ago.

Previous Year Ago Lookback: Cold Summer Cocktails and Crazy Spaghetti Hot Dogs

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