(Image credit: Emily Han)
While prepping for a dinner party or tackling a big baking project, how many times have you wished for just a couple more feet of counter space? The winner of Food52's best kitchen hacks contest has an ingenious tip for temporarily adding counter space with the help of an ironing board.

Food52 member vvvanessa opens up her ironing board to use as extra counter space when she is doing a lot of baking. Its surface is designed to withstand heat, so it can be used to hold hot-from-the-oven baking sheets or racks of cooling cookies. I find myself wishing for more kitchen space most often when I'm holding a piping-hot sheet pan with no place to put it, so I'll definitely be using this tip the next time I tackle a big cooking project.

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Do you have any tips for adding temporary counter space?

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(Image: Emily Ho)