Wooden spoons, slotted spoons, rubber and metal spatulas, ladles, whisks, measuring cups, vegetable peeler, can opener... the list goes on. Like most cooks, you probably have a dozen (or more like two dozen!) tools and utensils in your kitchen. How do you store them? I went back through our Kitchen Tour archives to see what storage solution popped up the most, and here's what I found:

Not surprisingly, perhaps, the utensil crock was the most popular storage solution among our Kitchen Tour participants, although the type of container varied. I found stainless steel, ceramic, glass, and wood all represented, with even a burlap-covered version in the mix! Most crocks sat on the countertop, but a few are hung on the wall or the side/underside of the kitchen cabinet.

Of course, there's always drawer storage, which works best if you've got a drawer divider or a place-for-everything system. And if all else fails, just hang your utensils from a rack above the stove, as one cook did!