Smart Kitchen Storage: Pull-Out Basket Drawers for Fruits & Vegetables

Smart Kitchen Storage: Pull-Out Basket Drawers for Fruits & Vegetables

Faith Durand
Sep 6, 2012

Kitchen pull-outs are a dreamy feature of custom kitchens, making access to things like trash, recycling, and pantry essentials much easier. Here's a new twist on the pull-out theme: Basket drawers for root vegetables and fruit. Would you do this, if you had the chance?

I feel like onion and potato storage is one thing I have struggled with in my kitchen — I never seem to find quite the right place, and so I often just leave onions out on the counter, shedding scraps of magenta and maple-colored skins everywhere. So a specialized place for these and other frequently-used produce is appealing.

These drawers are removable, with a stainless steel mesh in the bottom that allows fruit and vegetables to breathe and air to circulate. The best part is the mesh is easily washable.

I really like this solution — especially for a kitchen in a more traditional farmhouse style.

You can read more about the drawers at Houzz, and find out more about their availability at the kitchen designer's website. They are a custom solution, but they can be built and retrofitted into existing kitchens.

Walnut Veggie Drawer at Houzz

Kent Kitchen Works

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(Image: Kent Kitchen Works via Houzz)

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