Small Kitchen? Sliding Cabinet Doors Save Space

Small Kitchen? Sliding Cabinet Doors Save Space

Regina Yunghans
May 5, 2014
(Image credit: Workstead)

In tight kitchens, even something so small as the swing of a cabinet door can feel intrusive and confining. One way to save space? Install sliding cabinet doors!

Sliding cabinet doors from Ellen and Greg's Renovated Loft Kitchen
(Image credit: Lucy Hewett)

In the first photo, which shows a custom project by Workstead, the kitchen and a nearby display shelf are designed with a mixture of open shelving and sliding cabinet doors. Holes act as finger pulls that mean no additional cost for hardware and no projections to catch on your clothing in close quarters.

We love this streamlined look and wish there were more affordable, off-the-shelf options for sliding kitchen cabinet doors. What do you think of the prospect of sliding vs. swinging when it comes to kitchen cabinet doors?

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