Vote Your Favorite Small Cool Kitchen: Week 1 Edition

In case you haven't noticed, our biggest event of the year is ON over at our sister home sites! Small Cool 2008 is looking for the smallest, coolest dwellings in the country (and the world). We've noticed some great small kitchens in the entries so far and we want to give you a chance to vote on your favorites. Click through below to see larger versions of our Week 1 small kitchen picks above, as well as links to the original Small Cool entries and slideshows.

Just remember - this is a cook's survey! Vote based on which kitchen you'd most like to cook in, based on the photos - not just the overall aesthetics.

If you especially like one of these kitchens and want to see more of it, then make sure to go vote for that entry on its contest page. The semi-finalists from each region will submit more photos for their final entry and a chance to win a big prize from Room & Board.

East #3: Luca's Surplus of Storage & Light

East #5: Family of Four’s “Two Bedroom” Studio

East #4: Joel & Gaby's Sanctuary

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