Small Cool Kitchens 2011: The International Winner!

We are still voting on the Small Cool Kitchens finalists (see the finalists here) but don't let that distract you from the fact that we already have a winner in the international category!

Chosen by popular vote, Jenn in Toronto swept away the competition with her smart, inexpensive, yet chic white kitchen. Read on for a little more about Jenn and her kitchen.

The International Winner
Jenn's Smart and Cheap Toronto Kitchen

Jenn lives in Toronto, and she shares the kitchen with her two young daughters. The funny thing about Jenn's kitchen is that it is actually a temporary design solution — she is waiting until she can afford to go all out. Until then, she enjoyed the opportunity to create a style in the kitchen that was, "a little more personal." She didn't have to worry about what anyone else thought or think about investment or future house buyers. And, obviously, she had to do something truly cost-effective.

Jenn told me that she loved that someone in the comments said that it was "great Canadian design" — because that's so it: She was going for a rustic, vintage and relaxed aesthetic.

Jenn can be found online at her just-about-to-be-launched business, Russet and Empire Interiors and at her personal blog, The Interiorist. Congratulations, Jenn!


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