Small Cool Kitchens 2007: A Look Back at the Best

Our spring contest, Small Cool Kitchens 2010, is now in full swing! (Have you entered yet?) We wanted to take a quick look back to 2007 and the last time we did this contest. There were some lovely small kitchens in it, and you may not have seen them yet. Here's a look back at some of the top reader favorites.

The kitchens here (also labeled in the gallery of photos above) are all entries from that contest, and we really love some of these. There are some great remodel before/after shots scattered throughout as well. Take a peek!

Phoebe's Crisp Organic - Phoebe in Cambridge, MA, was the top winner with her petite and elegantly renovated kitchen.

Heather's Sleek Modern - A finalist entry from Staten Island.

Jessica's Blue and Silver Flair - Second-place winner from New York. We think the baby may have been a vote-winner!

Jennifer's Light and Airy - The third-place winner, also from New York.

Kat's Open Entertainer - Another finalist (and a great set of before/after remodel photos) from a kitchen in Manhattan.

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