Slide Out, Pop Up! 9 Surprising Kitchen Features

Slide Out, Pop Up! 9 Surprising Kitchen Features

Faith Durand
Feb 21, 2011

Small kitchens have to get smart about their use of space, and this often means hiding appliances or kitchen tools. Then, surprise! They pop up, slide out, or emerge from an unexpected place. We love kitchens that have secrets and surprises. Here are a few great details from our archives. There are hidden vents, an oven that opens in a very unexpected way, and a genius cutting board installation.

• 1 Spiral Wine Cellars - A kid's dream! A trapdoor under the floor, leading to a secret spiral wine cellar.
• 2 Pull-out cooktop from Kittie's kitchen - A turntable? No - a cooktop! Such a great idea for a tiny kitchen.
• 3 Pull-out cutting board & trash can - A genius idea from Sara Moulton's kitchen. Pull out the board, chop, and brush clippings straight into the trash.
• 4 Built-in food processor - A startling detail from Louis Armstrong's kitchen. We had never seen this before!
• 5 A surprising oven - From a sleek city kitchen. This oven actually opens by lowering the shelf. Space-age!

• 6 Spices! - We've seen a lot of spice drawers, but this one in Lupine's kitchen is especially well-executed.
• 7 Refrigerator/freezer drawers from Laurent Tourondel's kitchen - We had never seen fridge drawers until this chef's kitchen came along. What a great space-saving idea!
• 8 Washing machine & dryer - Yes, washing machines are fairly normal in city kitchens, but we liked how integrated this one was. It's right there under the countertop.
• 9 Video: Secret Surprise Kitchen Appliance - A surprise from my own kitchen. Too bad it doesn't work!

Do you have anything surprising or unexpected in your kitchen? Anything that slides out, pops up, or unfolds? Tell us all about it!

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