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White, wheat, or rye? Plain, buttered, or with jam? Morning, noon, or night? Oh, the variations are endless! But the question is: which one do you like the very best?

We're big toast eaters in our house, especially since we started making homemade bread on a regular basis. The very first day, we like the bread by itself, untoasted and plain. Maybe a smear of jam. But after that, it's all about the toast!

We have a routine with our toaster to make our version of perfect toast: one round with the toaster set on maximum setting, flip the toast, then another round on the lightest setting. This gives our toast a crispy crust (which we eat first) and a golden interior. This routine is so well-established that we'll be lost when this toaster finally breaks down!

For toppings, we just like just enough regular butter so that you get a taste of it in every bite. Lately we've also been adding a sprinkling of sea salt, which feels like such decadence!

What about you?

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