The Site Corot factory in Limoges, France was once famous for its eclectic, avant-garde porcelain dinnerware, but it hasn't produced anything in over a decade. Now it's back, under new creative direction, and issuing both new and classic designs, like the Florida pattern seen above.

The Florida porcelain dinnerware collection, from 1986, is colorful and graphic, with patterns that are meant to be mixed and matched. I can definitely see how this particular design was likely very popular in the mid-80's, but there's something about it that feels right for today. (Like they say, trends cycle around every 20 years or so, so I suppose the timing for this comeback is just right!)

Since this is French-made porcelain, the prices are high, ranging from $37 to $165. Dinner plates start at $75 a piece, mugs at $45.

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(Images: Elements Chicago)