You really know when spring and summer are around when sangria pops out at parties and picnics. The combination of fruity flavors and robust taste make the perfect thirst-quenching drink.

Whether you're craving something spicy, special or traditional — there's a sangria here for you. There's no right or wrong way to make sangria; it's all about personal preference and taste. With that said, don't be afraid to take some risks and try something new. You might be surprised by how much you enjoy a spicy summer sangria.

Here are some summery sangria ideas:

Fruity Sangria, Gwendolen
Spicy Sangria, The Dragons Kitchen
Mexican Sangria, DesignSponge
Prosecco Sangria, Martha Stewart
Special Sangria, Tasty-Trials

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(Images: Gwendolen, The Dragons Kitchen, DesignSponge, Martha Stewart, Tasty-Trials)