Silicone Placemats and Table Runners from Modern-twist

We usually avoid placemats on our small dining table; we feel like it clutters it up visually. We prefer tablecloths and runners. These silicone placemats though, with their hint of transparency and their subtle designs, could change that...

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Modern-twist is a design company that broke out recently with its very popular PJ Pocket Pillow, a twistable hiding place for all sorts of things. They also have a line of silicone coasters.

They now have a whole line of silicone placemats out that we like very much. Two of their designs (the Tangle above as well as the design below) are collaborations with artist Rex Ray, and some of these will be carried exclusively by SFMOMA.

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We also really like the designs that are ostensibly for kids - we might like to use them too! The placemats are easy to clean and they protect the table too. Also see one of their pretty table runner designs below.

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• Placemats are available through Velocity Art and Design.

• You can see all the designs at Modern-twist.

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