Shrimp on the Grill, PB Granola, and an IKEA Facelift

Most popular posts published June 4-10, 2009

Hot posts this past week included two great kitchen tours and an IKEA facelift. They also included a big roundup of dips and spreads, some cool cucumber gimlets, and peanut butter granola. Read on for the top ten!

15. How Do I De-Stink the Sink (Without a Disposal)?
14. Look! Homemade Marshmallow Fondant
13. Recipe: Lickety-Split Lemon Cream Icing
12. Breakfast Recipe: Peanut Butter and Honey Granola
11. How Do I Get Seasoning to Stick to Hot Air Popped Corn?

10. A Barbecue Lunch in a Jar: With Lemonade Too!

9. Fish and Shrimp on the Grill: 8 Quick Recipes for Summer

8. 3 Refreshing Iced Tea Concoctions

7. Kitchen Tour: Sarah Rae's Open, Art-Filled Kitchen

6. How to Batch Cocktails to Serve a Crowd

5. Top Ten Ways to Use Your Food Processor

4. Make These Tonight: Cucumber Gimlets

3. Kitchen Tour: Laura and Chris's Brownstone with a Twist

2. Before & After: Grandma's Kitchen Gets an IKEA Facelift

1. 15 Essential Dips and Spreads for Summer Parties

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