Show Your Valentine Some Meaty Love with Bacon Roses

Ah yes, Valentine's Day: the holiday of chocolate, flowers, and cute cards. But this year, instead of keeping things traditional, switch things up with a homemade bacon bouquet. These delicious creations, often referred to as "man-bouqets" (gag), might be kind of ridiculous, but that's kind of why I love them.

You've probably seen a couple of these bacon bouquets floating around on Pinterest. While they look a little time-consuming and complicated, they are actually super easy to make. (CliffsNotes version: Curl each strip into a rosebud shape, then bake. Pop onto a cleaned-up plastic flower stem and ta-da. Enduring love.)

Plus, they would be perfect next to a fried egg, which is more than you could ever say for some measly flower.

For Instructions on How To Make Bacon Roses → Bacon Roses For Valentines Day! at Not Quite Nigella

(Image credits: Not Quite Nigella)