Should I Do My Holiday Baking Now or Later This Month?

Should I Do My Holiday Baking Now or Later This Month?

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Q: I want to get into holiday baking this year. But this is a new tradition for me so I'm confused about the timing. Should I bake cookies, say, this weekend and send them to friends and family? Or should I wait until we visit my partner's family for Christmas and do some baking then? Please help!

Sent by Sara

Editor: Sara, I'm a fan of doing my holiday baking when it is convenient for me and freezing the results for gift-giving throughout the month. Cookie dough freezes well and can be baked whenever you need a batch of cookies to bring to a holiday party or give to a friend. And seasonal quickbreads and cakes like pumpkin bread and cranberry cake also freeze well after baking.

Here are some tips from our archives:

Readers, when do you usually do your holiday baking? Do you have any timing advice for someone who is new to baking for the holidays?

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