Should I Buy an All-Clad Fry Pan or French Skillet?

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Q: I recently got married and registered for quite a bit of All-Clad Stainless Steel cookware. Now we are rounding out the set ourselves. I received 8-inch and 10-inch fry pans, and a 14-inch deep sauté pan. I'd like one more big fry pan to round out the toolkit.

I planned on getting the 12-inch fry pan until I came across the 14-inch French skillet (which is both bigger and about $40 cheaper at just $99). What would you recommend getting? Are there any significant differences that I'm not seeing? Is there anything the fry pan can do that the French skillet can't?

Sent by EvanEditor: Evan, congratulations on your new collection of All-Clad! We examine the differences between the All-Clad fry pan (pictured above on the bottom) and newer French skillet (pictured above on the top) here:

All-Clad's New French Skillets

They are basically slightly bigger, lighter, and deeper. We really like the way they look and we are always in favor of a little more depth in a frying pan, and we also always feel that bigger is better when you are talking about skillets. So that would be our pick.

But what do the readers say?

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