Should I Buy a Rice Cooker or a Pressure Cooker?

Should I Buy a Rice Cooker or a Pressure Cooker?

Anjali Prasertong
Apr 24, 2014

Q: With my student budget, I have to pick and choose my appliances. Should I buy a rice cooker or a pressure cooker? Can one be substituted for the other?

Sent by Stephanie

Editor: Stephanie, a pressure cooker is able to cook food much more quickly because the higher pressure actually increases the boiling point of water. A rice cooker can't do this, so you can't substitute a rice cooker when following a pressure cooker recipe.

There are many things you can make in a rice cooker besides rice, however. You'll find some great ideas here:

Personally, I use my pressure cooker much more often than my rice cooker because, like you, I am a busy student and being able to cook brown rice in 20 minutes or from-scratch beans in 15 minutes makes it much easier to throw together quick, budget-friendly weeknight meals.

Readers, if you had to choose between a rice cooker and a pressure cooker, which would you recommend buying?

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