Viola Park: Modular Kitchens by the Folks at Henrybuilt

Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 2009
  • Founded by: Henrybuilt Corporation
  • Headquarters: Seattle, Washington
  • Sister stores: Henrybuilt

Viola Park offers a fresh perspective on the design of the modern American kitchen and how it is put together. The product line has been designed by the Henrybuilt Design Group and is built in Henrybuilt's Seattle workshop. The line relies on sustainable materials, including strand bamboo and Paperstone and includes not only cabinets, but countertops, backplash systems and additional accessories. Viola Park is available only directly from the company, but can be shipped anywhere throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico using sister company Henrybuilt's delivery system.

We've been a fan of Seattle-based Henrybuilt kitchens since Maxwell used their cabinets in his apartment renovation a few years back, so we were intrigued to learn about Viola Park, their brand new sister company in Los Angeles.

Unlike Henrybuilt kitchens, which are highly customizable, the Viola Park collection is modular and more affordable. The collection also includes a series of islands, which can be purchased as part of a complete kitchen or on their own, as a piece of furniture.

Crafted from green materials like Paperstone countertops and strand bamboo panels, the islands include built-in details like pivoting under-counter boxes for utensils and in-counter storage for bread (or food prep, if you prefer). Everything is made in Henrybuilt's Seattle workshop.

The Viola Park showroom just opened this month across from the Pacific Design Center. If you're in LA, you can stop by and check out the islands shown above in person. If you're elsewhere, you can consult with them via email — Viola Park ships throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico using Henrybuilt's delivery system.

Base cabinets start at $1,100 and top out around $1,800 - $2,000. Detailed prices can be downloaded from the Viola Park website.