Rogar: Pot Racks, Wine Racks & Wine Openers

Rogar: Pot Racks, Wine Racks & Wine Openers

Sarah Coffey
May 24, 2010

Store History

  • Founded: 1975
  • Headquarters: Petersburg, VA

Rogar manufactures ceiling and wall-mounted kitchen racks along with replicas of antique wine openers. As a manufacturer, they sell mainly to retail stores, but they also have a little-known online outlet where they sell discontinued, overstock, and refurbished items at 40 percent off or more.

Rogar is based in Virginia, where they make pot racks from a variety of metals, including copper, stainless steel, hammered steel, and aluminum. We like their space-saving designs—in particular, the wall-mounted wine bottle and glass racks and the hanging bar pot racks. Products start around $50 and cap out around $300.

In addition to the Rogar Online Outlet, you can buy their products through Amazon, Target, Stacks n' Stacks, and other large chain stores.

Any first-hand experience with Rogar? Add your opinions in the comments below.

1 Wine Racks
2 Hanging Bar Pot Racks
3 Oval and Round Hanging Pot Racks
4 Bookshelf Pot Rack
5 Champion Wine Openers

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Photos: Rogar

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