Maison de Kristine: French Country Kitchenware

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Store History

  • Founded: 2002
  • Founded by: Kristine Hasslinger
  • Headquarters: Bothell, Washington

Self diagnosed Francophile who naturally medicates by operating French Online Boutique. Come join me....misery LOVES company!

Lately we've had a thing for French Country kitchenware. It seems so well-suited to summer. We came across online shop, Maison de Kristine, after their French Market Baskets showed up as a Daily Find on Apartment Therapy, and after digging a little deeper into the site, we found a whole bunch of good finds from Provence.

Based out of Bothell, Washington, the shop is run by—you guessed it—a Francophile named Kristine. She describes her site as "A reflection of my personal style, which is very relaxed country French decor, a pretty garden with room for a big vegetable garden and outdoor dining area a must." Sounds good to us. Here are a few of our picks from the site:

  1. Cherries and Checks Dinner Plates, $58.80 for a set of 6
  2. French Dish Drainer, $58
  3. French Market Shopping Baskets, $40
  4. Duralex Tumblers, $18.95 for 6
  5. French Lavender Honey, $15.95
  6. Red or Blue Checked Napkins, $15.95 for 4
  7. Laguiole 6 Piece Steak Knife Set, $156
  8. Provence Side Chair, $400 for a pair
  9. Porcelain Place Tiles, $19.95 for 6
  10. La Rochere Bee Glassware, $57 for 6

For more information, visit Maison de Kristine online.