Korin Japanese Trading Co.

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Here's something sharp... This find in Tribeca "carries everything from high quality knives to fine porcelain china," is a "little cramped inside" but has "really interesting merchandise with a wide price range." They have tableware and "bowls costing a few dollars to large embellished plates costing over $400 per plate."

Known primarily for their Japanese knives, prices can be an "eye-opener," but Korin only stocks "the best." Clearance items offer good deals year round.

NY Magazine says of the knives: "In addition to being crafted from performance-oriented combinations of high-carbon steel and alloys, many knives are equally exquisite as art."

Korin also has a knife-sharpening service, and here's a bonus: they'll work on knives other than the kind they sell, so even if you haven't invested in fancy Japanese blades, you can still get close their edge.


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