Horne: Designer Tabletop and Cookware

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Store History

  • Founded by: Ryan Walker and Alissa Parker
  • Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA

Our promise is to only offer items that we think are truly wonderful. We try to counter the 'buy disposable' mentality by selling pieces that you will cherish for years and years to come. Each item is truly a special treasure - something to hold and love but also use and enjoy. We hope you find as much happiness in our boutique as we do. - Alissa Parker and Ryan Walker

Based out of Philadelphia, Horne is an online boutique with a well edited collection of beautiful, functional—and yes, pricey—products that are made to last.

They carry a wide range of home decor—rugs, chairs, and lighting—but we're most drawn to their cookware and tabletop, which includes a gorgeous selection of handmade knives from Italian company Coltellerie Berti, glassware from high-end Finnish manufacturer Iittala, and dishes from 200-year-old Danish company Royal Copenhagen.

Horne offers free shipping on orders over $125, and they have a nifty program where they guarantee the lowest delivered price (meaning the total cost of product, tax, and shipping). If you can find a lower delivered cost within 7 days, they'll refund 110 percent of your money. For more information about the program, check their FAQ.


  1. Tools Wooden Serving Tray by Iittala, $145
  2. Convivio Steak Knife Set by Coltellerie Berti, $415
  3. Soft Orange Vacuum Jug by Stelton, $109
  4. Blue Palmette Dinner Plate by Royal Copenhagen, $50
  5. Large Minima Bowl Clear by Holmegaard, $45
  6. Banana Fruit Bowl by Harry Allen, $120
  7. Essence Decanter by Iittala, $60
  8. Linen Towel by Fog Linen Work, $15
  9. Goa Cutlery by Cutipol, $75
  10. Squeeze Bottle by Royal VKB, $25