Five Mountains Tea: Heirloom Organic Tea

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  • Founded by: Jason Creech & Jeff McCloud
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Jason and Jeff were living as monks in Asia and drinking tea became apart of their lifestyle. They developed an appreciation for the benefits of tea. They started Five Mountains Tea as a way to share the heirloom organic teas found in Asia and provide the educational background about each tea.

Now that we are going into both the fall season and the flu season, I am drinking a lot of tea. I love trying new teas and finding ways to combat health issues through a variety of herbal teas. Five Mountains tea carries a wide selection of organic teas and drinkware.

The founders of Five Mountains Tea, Jason Creech and Jeff McCloud, developed their appreciation for tea while living as monks in Asia's mountain monasteries. Drinking tea became apart of their lifestyle. The goal of Five Mountains Tea is to bring authentic teas, simple and beautiful drinkware, and an education about the benefit of tea to the West.

Images: Gilt Taste, Five Mountains Tea