Gene's Sausage Shop at Delicatessen Meyer is now open for business in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood. After two years of anticipation, we finally got a peek inside.

When the former Meyer Delicatessen closed its doors more than two years ago, it meant one less old-world institution in the neighborhood. But soon after, word came that Gene's Sausage Shop had purchased the space and would be opening a new location there.

Slowly but surely, the small deli with two narrow aisles was replaced by what looked to be a two-story sausage emporium.

On Saturday, Gene's Sausage Shop at Delicatessen Meyer opened its doors. We stopped by last night and found – in addition to cases and cases of sausage and other meats – a large selection of European specialty products, cheeses, beer, wine and liquor, produce and frozen sections, and bakery items.

There are also plans to open a roof deck in the spring.

• 1 A selection of headcheese.
• 2 You'll have to stare this guy down as you peruse the sausages.
• 3 Sausages and more sausages. Take your pick.
• 4 Kiska, or blood sausage, with barley.
• 5 The view from the second floor.

• 6 A shelf full of butters.
• 7 More butter!
• 8 Snack cheeses from Germany-based Hochland.
• 9 Dutch cheese and wooden shoes.
• 10 Various cuts of herring.

• 11 Crusty bread.
• 12 The upper level is devoted to beverages, including a large selection of teas.
• 13 The perfect glass for your Austrian beer.
• 14 A swanky wine display.
• 15 The old Meyer Delicatessen sign is hung prominently at the top of the stairs.

Sausage: Cased Or Uncased?

(Images: Joanna Miller)