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Store Profile

  • Location: Seattle, Washington and online
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Store History

  • Founded: 1997
  • Founded by: Tim Mar and Mauny Kaseburg
  • Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

Located in the Interbay area of Seattle, Washington, was started in 1997 by a small group of passionate food-lovers with a very big mission: To change the way people think and feel about the foods that they eat. We were going to do that by finding the very best-tasting foods from small farmers and artisan producers from around the world -- especially from growers and craftspeople who see the connection between the way the land is maintained and the quality of the food they produce -- and make these products available to customers, wherever they live.

We've always known ChefShop as an online resource, although it's also a brick-and-mortar boutique in Seattle. Way back in the nineties, ChefShop founders Tim Mar and Mauny Kaseburg wanted to provide their customers with LOTS of information about the artisan products they were selling, which — at the time — most people weren't doing.

Their strategy translated well onto the web, and has since grown into a respected online resource for specialty foods, recipes, and product information.

The inventory at ChefShop is both broad and specific. They have everything from fish to spices to produce, but within those categories you'll find hard-to-find products like Hawkshead relishes, pickles, and preserves from the UK, Mangalitsa bacon, and fennel pollen from Italy.

ChefShop posts lots of recipes and videos online, and they maintain a blog with informative articles. They also hold cooking classes and host events at their Seattle store.

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Botanical Bakery Lavender Shortbread, $12
Mangalitsa Bacon Applewood Smoked, $40
Dried Flageolet Beans, $7
Black Truffle Caviar, $65
Early Robin Cherries, 4 lbs, $99
Wild Umbrian Fennel Pollen, $18
Riverstones Candy, $14
Moroccan Argan Oil, $40
Genmai Cha Tea Sugimoto, $11
Candied Orange Peel, $12