Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store

Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 2009
  • Founded by: Ann Lopatin
  • Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

Blue Ribbon General Store is a modern general store for a well-lived life, combining the charm of a country general store with the sophistication of a modern city lifestyle. Our Urban General Store specializes in all things fun and functional.

In the last few years, Brooklyn has embraced the concept of the modern day "general store." Places like Brook Farm General Store, Moon River Chattel, and Annie's Blue Ribbon have revived the old-fashioned general store model, updating it with a mix of "lifestyle" goods that tend to be green, well designed, and — at times — kitschy and nostalgic.

Founded by Ann Lopatin in 2007, Annie's Blue Ribbon combines all of the above. Eco-friendly products like Lunckins reusable sandwich bags are sold alongside beautiful, utilitarian coffee presses and goofy products like a $5 banana-keeper, shaped like the fruit. In addition to the main Boerum Hill location, Annie's has an actively updated webshop.

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Lunchkins Reusable Sandwich Bag, $9.95
White Coffee or Tea Press, $34
Treat Bags, $5.50 for a pack of 10
I Am Not a Paper Towel Dish Towel, $10.95
Orange Wax Tin, $13.65
Banana Saver, $4.95
Playful Chef Kids' Gift Set, $40
Chicken Timer, $9.50
Apple a Day Letterpress Poster, $25