Bed Bath & Beyond: Online

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We would usually not look to a big-box store like Bed Bath & Beyond to fulfill our kitchen shopping needs. Large chains like BB&B often include their hefty chain store overhead in their prices, leaving deep discounts for exclusively online stores like Amazon.

But we wanted to review them here, for their wedding registry if nothing else. We have had quite a few pragmatic friends set up registries at Bed Bath & Beyond in the past year or two, so we have had some experience with shopping through their website.

And we must say, their shipping, customer service, and gift wrapping were all excellent. If you are crunched for time and need a practical gift, they are both prompt and helpful. Also, their clearance area is worth a browse - we have found some excellent deals in there.

We find their frequent 20% off coupons tempting at times, but usually they do no more than cover the cost of the store mark-up over Amazon or cheaper retailers. And yet, we do still check their prices when shopping around for a new appliance. Their in-store selection of cake pans is also very good; we found a specialty pan there once in a panicked last minute search.

What about you? Do you ever shop at this ubiquituous big-box retailer either online or in their stores? Good experiences? Bad? Sound off!


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