YouBrew Coffee Maker by Breville

Faith’s Daily Find 10.18.13

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YouBrew Coffee Maker by Breville

• $249.95

I've been living with this coffee maker for over a year, and it is a serious contender for morning convenience. It has a built-in grinder and lots (lots and lots!) of custom settings to help you get a brew to your liking. We used this extensively while in the process of renovating and moving homes, when the idea of making French press in the morning was just too much. This machine is very large (you need some counter space) and it takes some trial and error to find just the right settings. But once you do, it's a very convenient way to make a good cup of coffee in the morning with freshly ground beans. It does all the work for you, which sometimes is exactly what you need.

(Image credits: Breville)

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