Vanilla Sheep Milk Yogurt from Bellwether Farms

Faith’s Daily Find 03.07.12

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Vanilla Sheep Milk Yogurt from Bellwether Farms

• $2
Whole Foods Market

I could write a whole week of Daily Finds about yogurt, but this one tops my list (I've written about it before!). Bellwether Farms in Petaluma, CA, makes a sheep's milk yogurt that I literally dream about. It's tangy and smooth, and not too rich. It tastes gently different than cow's milk yogurt, but it's not as assertive as goat yogurt. And it's gentler on the digestion than cow milk yogurt - a really splendid breakfast, especially in the vanilla flavor, which comes speckled with real vanilla seeds. If you are lucky enough to live on the West Coast and have this stuff in your grocery store, go buy some now.