Turmeric and Mace Yogurt from Snowville Creamery

Faith’s Daily Find 04.10.13

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Turmeric and Mace Yogurt from Snowville Creamery

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This product is super local to those of you in the Ohio distribution zones for Snowville Creamery, a wonderful dairy in Southern Ohio (see my tour of Snowville here). They just began producing yogurt as well, to my delight. They do a terrific plain yogurt, but their 6% butterfat flavored yogurts, in smaller sizes, are kind of blowing my mind. Their flavors are so fresh: Lemon-Ginger is a favorite, and next I'm going to try Coffee-Cardamom. But their Turmeric-Mace flavor was the latest, and most interesting. I was skeptical but so intrigued when I bought this. The yogurt has a shocking neon yellow color from the turmeric, and a subtle, perfectly balanced note of spice from the mace. It's just sweet enough, and the spices complement the tangy yogurt far better than I could have believed. Amazing stuff. I practically licked the carton clean.