Tart Cherry Grapefruit Jam from We Love Jam

Faith’s Daily Find 03.09.12

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Tart Cherry Grapefruit Jam from We Love Jam

• $15 for 9 oz
We Love Jam

I recently featured We Love Jam's transcendent apricot jam, but to close out Breakfast Week I needed to return quickly to them and show you their Tart Cherry Grapefruit Jam. This is such a unique combo, and it is indeed "electric" as one of their customers said. It's rich and not very sweet, with a serious zing from the grapefruit. Amazing!

(Also note their kumquat marmalade, at the same link above. It's a finely textured, bright marmalade - one of my favorites ever. Alas, this is the last year they're making it, so get it while they've got it.)

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