Round Teapot from Bee House

Faith’s Daily Find 01.17.14

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Round Teapot from Bee House

• $27
Rare Device

Tea is a crucial element of my afternoons on these cold winter days, but I didn't have a great way to brew it. I was eyeing these handsome, heavy, colorful ceramic teapots from Bee House, so when I discovered one under the Christmas tree I was delighted. The teapots are made in Japan and they come outfitted with a strainer so you can easily make a loose leaf brew. The one I have is the perfect size (15 ounces), and it pours perfectly too - no drips. It keeps the tea hot so much better than any other teapot I've had, and it's become a constant companion on my desk. (See Janel's review at Apartment Therapy; she loves hers too.)