Share Your First Kitchen or Cooking Goal of 2013 with The Kitchn!

Send Us Your Submissions!

We talked earlier this week about setting our own kitchen goals for 2013. We love to think of resolutions in the new year as opportunities to look forward to, not obligations to be tackled. By the end of this year I anticipate having made a habit of eating lots more vegetables, for instance. Maybe you're looking forward to learning to bake gluten-free bread. Or you would enjoy having a clean freezer, homemade cheese, or a garden. Maybe you'd love to fix that dripping faucet this week. What's your first kitchen goal or resolution of 2013?

We are inviting you, our readers, to share one short and sweet kitchen goal with us. Send us a photo and a quick description, and we'll publish all of them that we can next week! That way we can all help one another accomplish something fresh and new — maybe even before the week is out! Read on to submit your own goal...

(Image: Emma Christensen: How to Make Homemade Mozzarella )