Shaker-Style Kitchens

The simple Shaker style has come to be emulated by many in the design of their homes. Kitchens, especially, often look to Shaker style for cabinetry. Here are a few Shaker-inspired kitchens that are quite successful in bringing the look into the contemporary home:

Aside from the style of the cabinetry, the pure symmetry of the first kitchen is beautiful and a definite nod to the Shakers. The second and third kitchens' soft monotone colors keep them as calming as their simple Shaker-inspired cabinets.

The final kitchen is a truly contemporary take, combining simple Shaker cabinetry with polished concrete floors and a punch of color.

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(Images: Woodright to Go, 2 & 3: Plain English, Martha Stewart Living via Design Scouting, Roy McMakin)

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