5 Ways to Shake Up Boring Ice Cubes

You've taken care to create a perfect cocktail, so why dull it down with a boring icecube? Read on for 5 cures to the common ice cube. • Striped Ice Cubes: More than just eye candy, these pretty cubes can even be made with alcohol. It adds another dimension to any cocktail! • Spherical Ice Cubes: These ice spheres are a bit more challenging to make (don't even get us started on how to make the ice perfectly clear), but impressive nonetheless. • Chocolate Ice Cubes: Who wouldn't want a white Russian with chocolate ice cubes? • Fruit Juice Ice Cubes: Freezing colorful juice in ice cube trays not only makes for a colorful cocktail, but a subtle flavor boost, too! • Soapstone Cubes: Yes, these are actual rocks designed to chill drinks without watering them down. Use these with caution on delicate glassware!

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(Images: Sandra Vital of Le P├ętrin; Martha Stewart)

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