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Bringing out Great-Grandma's serving platter or using the special candle holders a favorite relative gave you years ago sends a clear signal that festive and delicious things are about to happen! And more than that, these special not-everyday items bring good memories of that person to your holiday table. Don't you agree?
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This lovely set of dishes belonged to my grandmother. My mother found them in the back of a cabinet when she was going through my grandmother's belongings and sent them to me with a note: "Thought you might like to have these." And she was right.

This has been a big year for me - I got married, moved to a new city, took a big career leap - and I've found myself missing my grandma a lot. This year at Thanksgiving, I'd like to bring out these special dishes that belonged to her and serve something wonderful in them. It's a way for me to remember her and have her with me in this new exciting phase of my life.

I think she would really like that.

Do you have a dish or centerpiece or something similar that holds special meaning for you? Please share your story!

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