Modern kitchen with Geometric Cabinets and Plywood Shelves
stripped down with plywood and simple, repetitive jars from i29 Architects

No, I'm not talking about alphabetizing your boxes of Raisin Bran and shredded wheat! I'm talking serial here: row after row of aesthetically-pleasing, uber-organized repetition that will calm the OCD in the worst of us.

Here are five soothing examples of organization so neat it borders on art.

Whether it's row upon row of identical spice jars, a long line of matching kitchen stools, or baskets on a shelf concealing clutter — the kitchen lends itself to repetition.

The visual impact here is in numbers, not fancy containers. Basic canning jars, canned tomatoes, or your plain old everyday dishes can all be arranged to accomplish this degree of eye-pleasing and practical organization.

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