How Does Your Garden Grow? Send Us Photos

See those? Those are our radish plants. It feels like being back in second grade, watching a bean sprout mashed between a wet paper towel and the side of a glass. We're that excited to see our little seedlings growing. What kinds of things are you growing this spring, and do you want to share pictures?

We know that many of our readers are in small, tight corners of the urban world - you're improvising with bright window corners, fire escapes, windowsills, front stoops and more. How are you getting creative, and how are your gardens growing? If you have half an acre in your urban homestead or just a pot of sage, we want to see! It's the last week of Garden Month, so send in your photos - we'd love to post a few.

Have a good urban gardening story to inspire us? Send it in too!

Contact Us and Send Us Photos - You can also use this form to submit questions, story ideas, kitchen tours and more.

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(Image: Faith Hopler)

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