Great Cakes for Kids
Faith Durand
Jun 18, 2008
Look at these rather easy yet bright cakes for kids - we think we want this book. There are some good ideas in it. For details on this and more that caught our fancy today, click on... • Spice cradle - Like an office tchotchke - except not. • Projected Menu Video ... " a projected menu behind a bar that creates a typography from food or drinks saying what they are and what their price is." Very cool video. • Cakes for Kids: 35 Colorful Recipes with Easy-to-Follow Tips & Techniques - *small scream* - we had that EXACT rainbow cake when we turned four. Haven't forgotten the taste of that lemon cake since. (via Baking Bites) • Shark Knife, $12 at Urban Outfitters Previous Delicious Links: Shaker Boxes for Picnics
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