Tastespotting's Cousin and Gummi Bear Anatomy

Seen, noted, and found delicious. 06.13.08

Tastespotting is gone (boohoo!) but there's a new site we stumbled across in the NOTCOT family, and we're curious to see more. Also, the insides of a gummi bear, cool recipes for hot weather and more below.

Deconstructed glass of white wine - Amazing dessert.

Liqurious - Tastespotting may be no more, but there's a new site in the stable of NOTCOT blog spotters.

Anatomy of a Gummi Bear (via Coudal)

Cooling Off With Hot Food Writers - The Washington Post's food blog polls a few good food writers and bloggers on suppers to keep you cool in this heat wave. They have about a dozen great ideas, including ones from food bloggers Rachel of Coconut & Lime and Bea of La Tartine Gourmande. We want to try Bea's avocado soup...

Yesterday's Delicious Links: Cookies Baked on Dashboard

(Soup image: Bea of La Tartine Gourmande)

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