Frying Pan Chandelier and Mixmaster Necklace

Frying Pan Chandelier and Mixmaster Necklace

Faith Durand
Jun 10, 2008

A hand-cut Mixmaster pendant and a "pandelier" - just two of the good links for today. Click through to see them all...

MIXMASTER sterling silver necklace, handmade and $60 at ballandchain's Etsy shop.

Pandelier: Frying Pan Chandelier - Seen at the new San Antonio branch of the CIA. At AT:New York.

Look! Candy-Making Kitchen at PapaBubble - Ooh pretty. Industrial yet handmade. At AT:New York.

Rhubarb Rosemary Jelly at Vanilla Garlic. (via Simply Recipes)

Yesterday's Delicious Links: 300 Calories and the Ultimate Camping Tool

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