Perfect Peanut Butter Jar - In Real Life

Perfect Peanut Butter Jar - In Real Life

Faith Durand
Jun 5, 2008

Remember that perfect peanut butter jar? There are new photos of it in action - we're even more convinced now that it's a good idea. That and more below...

More photos of the Easy PB&J Jar at skforlee

Mug designs based on Penguin Classics covers - We'll drink our coffee out of Brave New World and our tea out of Jane Austen's catalog, thank you very much.

A Visual Guide to Peppers - Sweet and spicy peppers at Epicurious.

Guide to lore of the Nanaimo bar - History and recipe for the famous (the ultimate?) slice.

Yesterday's Delicious Links: Ice Cream Stacks and Free Spice Jar Labels

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