See Tyler Florence's Gorgeous Kitchen

See Tyler Florence's Gorgeous Kitchen

Faith Durand
Nov 21, 2008

Turns out Tyler Florence has a gorgeous kitchen (go figure, right?) but he also uses one of our favorite inexpensive kitchen tools. Take a look at this kitchen tour. That plus a video showing how Thanksgiving turkeys are slaughtered, flatware for little ones, and more below in today's Delicious Links.

Today's Delicious Links

At home with Tyler Florence - Mmmm pretty kitchen...

How your Thanksgiving turkey is slaughtered - Oh yeah, Sarah Palin's in it too.

A glimpse of a delightful book at Cooked Books, exploring the delicious world of the New York Public Library's culinary resources.

Eco-Friendly Toddler Flatware Set - For the littlest members at the Thanksgiving table.

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