Seasonal Spotlight: Eat Blood Oranges While You Can

While we buy local when we can, the luxury of citrus from exotic places like Florida and California is not one we take for granted. Right now we are deeply enjoying a bag of Moro blood oranges - their lush sweetness and slight bitter aftertaste satisfies and refreshes. More photos of these late winter beauties below...

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Moro oranges have a thick, soft peel that comes away easily. They have dark, almost purple flesh, with a juicy sweetness and softness that carries less acid than conventional oranges.

They're in season in Florida and California from January through July, but they start to taper off in the markets around the end of March, we've found.

These are a highlight for our fruit bowl, even over those clementines we had last week...

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We have blogged about our love of blood oranges before; check out Wild for Blood Oranges and this recent San Francisco market report.

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We adore blood oranges in salads. See some recipes below - but especially this recipe for blood orange jelly smiles...

Blood Orange Jelly Smiles

Blood Oranges and More
Recipe: Fennel, Orange, and Shallot Salad
Virtual CSA Box: Fennel
Recipe: Luigi's Grandmother's Blood Orange Salad

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