Seasonal Recipe Spotlight: Apples

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Good apples are coming out of cold storage, and so you might be seeing a surge of fresh, ripe apples, like the ones Heidi wrote about in her Greenmarket Report last week. Summer's fruit is long gone, and juicy apples are welcome.

So - what to do with the crisp standby of winter fruit, other than eat out of hand? Well, there's this Pierre Herme recipe called 20-Hour Apples...

This recipe is just one component of one of Herme's famously complicated cakes, but it's worth making for its own sake too. Apples are baked at a very low temperature for a long time until they have practically jellified into something very good over ice cream, spread on toast, or layered in a cake.

If you feel like making something homey and rustic, and if you can find some good frozen rhubarb, check out Shuna's Rhubarb and Apple Galette, good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For dinner, try Heidi's Curried Apple Couscous - it's quick, vegetarian, and looks delicious. She has an Apple Salsa that looks so refreshing, too.

And don't forget about our archives - check out Weekend Apple Pancake.

Then finish it all off with a Apple Spice Cake with Walnuts and Currants, spread with thick cream cheese icing.

What are your favorite winter apple recipes? Link em up!

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