Kitchen Beauty: Spring and Summer Market Posters

Last week's Kitchen Cure assignment asked you to do one small, beautiful thing for your kitchen. If you're just catching up we hope that you're hanging a picture, putting flowers on the table, or doing anything else to make your kitchen a little brighter and prettier. Here's one more lovely piece of kitchen art: seasonal market posters from Wolfie and the Sneak.

We loved these posters the instant we saw them. They're bright, beautiful, and perfect for the seasonal kitchen. In fact, we have a hunch there are further editions planned (guess what they'll be?) and we could even imagine swapping them out each season.

Find them at Wolfie and the Sneak:
Spring Market Poster, 13x19 for $30. 8x10 print for $15.
Summer Market Poster, 13x19 for $30. 8x10 print for $15.

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(Images: Wolfie and the Sneak)