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Ever since a reader asked for help finding a calendar with illustrations of seasonal produce, we keep seeing great calendars with this theme. First there was the free download from Cottage Industrialist, and then there was this gardening calendar from Krank Press. But our current favorite may have to be this hand-illustrated calendar from Brooklyn artist Claudia Pearson.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
We really like Claudia Pearson's bright, hand-drawn illustrations, and we love her emphasis on seasonal produce and buying local.

She has a couple different seasonal calendars available. One is pictured at the top of the post and has pages for each month.

2010 Illustrated Calendar, $24

The other is a print of the entire year's calendar, and this one is available in both a print and a tea towel. (You know we love tea towels!)

2010 Poster Calendar, $20
2010 Calendar Tea Towel, $12

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Claudia's blog is worth a visit, too, as she is blogging and illustrating seasonal recipes every two weeks this year. Fuschia Mash, her first seasonal recipe, is pictured above; it's a lovely mix of beets and potatoes! Yum!

Claudia Pearson Illustration

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(Images: Claudia Pearson)