Scientist Works to Grow Meat in Lab

Food News for Monday, January 31

In today's food news, via our friends at Food News Journal: A scientist is working to create "carneries" or meat-growing labs. Plus, food you can inhale (literally), and NPR's reasons why bacon is a gateway meat for vegetarians.

Read on for more news of the day via Food News Journal. 

Why Bacon Is A Gateway To Meat For Vegetarians - NPR
Rising Food Prices Can Topple Governments, Too - NPR
Scientist works to grow meat in lab - Reuters
Citrus plants to grow in the Bay Area - SF Chronicle
More food banks offer fresh fruits, vegetables - USA Today
Kids fed unhealthy foods learn to prefer them - USA Today
Food is Now Huffable - NBC Bay Area
Columbus, Ohio, a new destination for food lovers - Washington Post
Basque glories - Financial Times
Black Ops: Truffle Tours - TIME

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(Image: Food News Journal)

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