Scanwiches and Zuni Fried Eggs

Scanwiches and Zuni Fried Eggs

Faith Durand
Mar 23, 2009

In today's Delicious Links: A new pastime for your office copier during lunch hour, an Indian-inspired dessert, and a very inexpensive way to store your wine.

Today's Delicious Links

Scanwiches - Scan your lunch.

Fried Eggs in Bread Crumbs - You've heard of the Zuni chicken; have you tried the Zuni eggs in breadcrumbs? At the simply gorgeous blog, Alexandra's Kitchen.

Store your wine on the floor - Why not, if you have a spare corner, and no frisky pets?

Yogurt Honey Jelly with Strawberries and Roses - How beautiful! The rest of the menu looks pretty good too.

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